I recently hired HomeTech for a remodel of my kitchen. These guys have it figured out. The contractor we worked with was Moses. He was extremely professional and straightforward. He let us know exactly what he was going to do before he did it, answered all of our questions, gave us a time estimate and finished a day early.
We ended up getting brand new cabinets and a new hood. The hood was initially too large to fit into our kitchen but Moses and the crew actually altered the walls to make it fit and it looks great! The crew was a bunch of quality guys, all with a great deal of knowledge, and they were so respectful of me and my house. I have a dog at home while Im away at work, so the crew spent a great deal of time with him. I trust people if my dog trusts them and Lenny loves the whole crew!
All in all a great experience and would highly recommend to anyone who’s having a first-time re-model. Im actually planning on re-doing my bathroom. Guess who Im going to call!?