Get Your Home Ready for Summer


A To-Do List that Will Get Your Home Ready for Summer Soirees

With Mother’s Day, and Memorial weekend, looming around the corner now is the perfect time to get your home ready for BBQ’s, relaxation, and summer fun. Winter’s frost and rains can leave homes looking dull, plants in need of TLC, and the mood a bit dark and gloomy. Now is the time to brighten everything up and revamp the outdoors. Our to-do list will help you bring the warm cheery feeling of summer in, and around, your home.

  1. Get Ready to Grill

Now is the time to give your grill a good deep cleaning, or, perhaps, upgrade to a new grill. Here is a great guide to updating your grill setup. Giving your grill a deep clean before the start of the season will help ensure it runs more effectively. We recommend starting fresh with a good grill brush to clean the interior, and washing the exterior with some warm soapy water. Organize your grill tools (spatula, tongs, etc.) and don’t forget to pick up a new propane tank or charcoals.

  1. Clean and Brighten Walls

Use a vacuum attachment or duster to remove all the dust off the walls and baseboards. For extra clean walls use a cloth and warm soapy water to wipe down after dusting. It’s amazing how much dust walls can collect during the winter months. Grab some paint and touch up any areas that need a lift, or for a more dramatic change, try choosing a new paint color to liven up your home.

  1. Update or Create an Outdoor Living Space

Summer is when your home can finally expand to the outdoors. Update your patio furniture, add some outdoor plants, a patio swing, outside dining area, etc. Don’t have a patio? Add one! Spruce up the backyard with a poured concrete or paver patio. Get some inspiration from our gallery here. If there is too much sun add a patio cover and some white curtains for a shady dream like space. Find here how much it costs? This will be the perfect space to relax with an iced tea, or entertain guests, on a warm summer afternoon.

  1. Spruce Up Outdoor Lighting

There is a good chance you have been hiding inside during the cold nights. Now that the temperatures are rising take some time to go outside and replace any burnt out bulbs and clear away cobwebs. For an eco friendly update try replacing the lights with energy efficient bulbs. You could also add solar light to the patio area and walkways for an earth-friendly update.

  1. Update Your Curb Appeal

Outdoor plants have a hard time making it through the winter freeze. Add some fresh flowers to the exterior of your home and fertilize your front lawn to make it the greenest on the block. It’s best to fertilize your grass about 30 days prior to the summer heat arriving. (Fertilizing in the dead heat of summer can cause grass to burn.) You could also add an extra layer of paint to your homes trim, add a porch swing out front, and a new welcome matt for a fresh summer touch. This updated curb appeal will welcome guests to your BBQ soirees all summer long.

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