How to Meet The Neighbors


Part of having a happy home life is having a happy neighborhood. This means being a friendly neighbor. Knowing who lives near you and, building a relationship, can make you feel safer, give you a sense of community, and perhaps offer a cup of sugar when you’re in need! Whether you are new to a neighborhood or have just never found the opportunity to meet the family next door, the initial introduction can seem intimidating and awkward. Here are some ways to become acquainted without the awkwardness.

Have a Gathering

Throwing a little party for your friends and family is a great way to easily introduce yourself to the neighbors. A few days before the party just walk next door and give them a friendly invitation. Even if they don’t come you will have now had a chance to introduce yourself and opened a line of communication.

Ask a Favor

Asking for a small favor is another easy way to introduce yourself to the neighbors without seeming weird or creepy. Maybe not as 50’s as asking for a cup of sugar, but perhaps a corkscrew or tool. Let them know you will return the favor — thus welcoming further interaction.

Stay Outside

You are less likely to run into the neighbors if you are always hiding out inside. Hang out in the garden, get some patio furniture, install a porch swing. By hanging out inside you are more inclined to have a naturally occurring conversation with your neighbor. If you want to make your front patio an entertaining dream, contact our landscaping contractors.

Use Your Pet

Man’s best friends The Lock Boss, is a great way to strike up conversations. If you have a dog make a point to go on walks around the neighborhood. Most people can’t help but stop and talk to a puppy so you can use this as your in! Maybe you’ll make a dog walking friend.

Be Involved

If you all the above suggestions still seem a bit awkward or intimidating getting involved in the community might be the best option for you. Check to see if your neighborhood has a homeowners association start going to meetings. You can also look into city committees, cooking classes, or volunteering nearby. This way you are forced to meet people in your neighborhood but in a more neutral space. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up making some important decisions regarding your community or become the next top chef!

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