How To Pick The Best Finishes For Your Remodel

How To Pick The Best Finishes For Your Remodel

Cabinets, sinks, faucets, floors, how do you choose the best finishes for your home remodeling project?

Whether you are working on your kitchen or your bathroom, deciding on finishes is one of the most challenging parts of a remodel. Having to choose plumbing, cabinet hardware, and light fixture finish selections can feel overwhelming. There is no rulebook to choosing the right finishes for your home, so how are you going to choose from all of the selections?

Not to worry! Here are three tips to consider when choosing the best finishes for your space.

Tip number 1: Don’t be afraid to mix it up.

Some things just don’t mix well together, right? You may have heard this unfortunate design rumor about mixing metals, but it’s time to forget this outdated advice. Combining silver, gold, brass, or iron (just to name a few), is a great strategy for adding visual interest and depth to a space.

Textured, layered, eclectic spaces, and mixed metals is an effortless way to make the pieces in your home look like they’ve been collected over the years. It can create a timeless and unique look for any space in your home.

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Tip number 2: Design and purpose should go hand-in-hand.

When choosing a finish for your space, it’s easy to go for the finishes that look the most attractive. Although looks are important, it’s also crucial to find finishes that can endure the wear and tear of everyday life.

For example, when choosing a material for your kitchen countertop it’s important to know which countertops will hold up the best against heat, stains, cuts, abrasions, and everyday impact.

Quartz countertops are stain, bacteria, chip and scratch-resistant, making it almost indestructible under normal kitchen prep conditions. Manufacturers can also design them in a spectrum of colors that mimic granite and marble, making it easy to find a countertop that looks good in your kitchen.

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Tip number 3. Go bold.

The lighting, fixtures, and hardware that you choose can tie the look of your entire space together. Using additional finishes in your remodel will also add a lot of character to the room.

White bathrooms are an ongoing favorite, but if you want to add a punch of color then consider a bold finish like brass or matte black. The finishes you choose transform your space from looking traditional to more modern and stylish.

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I hope these tips have helped you choose finishes for your home remodel. Stay tuned for the next video in the Tips by HomeTech series. Thanks again everyone and make it a great day!

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