Kitchen Remodel: Save or Splurge

Being able to splurge on all aspects of your kitchen remodel would be great — but most of us do not have that luxury. But don’t fret! Making compromises is part of the process for every remodel. And we are here to help.

Deciding between where and how to save on costs is a difficult task. The best way to accomplish your dream kitchen while staying within the budget is to go into the project with a clear picture of what you want. Being aware of your goals will help you keep focused on what’s important to stay on track.


How quickly you want to complete your project will have an effect on the cost. When rushing to complete a project, homeowners are likely to say yes to more costly things rather than waiting for the more economical option. For example, if the countertop a rushed homeowner really wanted (and was with their price range) is out of stock, they might choose to go with a more expensive option to save time. A homeowner in no rush would instead wait for the originally desired countertop to come in via backorder. Neither of these homeowners is wrong – they simply have different priorities. Find here top-rated swimming pool builders in Baton Rouge, LA. If budget is your number one priority you should start strengthening your patience muscles. However, if you are trying to meet a quick deadline be ready to make last minute changes and quick (sometimes costly) decisions.


How are you planning to use your kitchen? Are you looking to host large dinner parties and cook regularly? Or is your kitchens sole purpose for reheating takeout? If you are expecting to have multiple cooks in the kitchen splurging on a large range and an extra wide fridge is a smart choice. But if that range will only be lit once a year you can probably go for a smaller size (and smaller price).


Everything has a value. Some valuables can appreciate over time while others decrease. The value of something can be determined by its value to you and your life, or its monetary value.

For example, putting multiple sinks in your kitchen is a cost you probably won’t get back when selling. But, if you do not see yourself moving in the foreseeable future and enjoy having a sink for filling your pasta pot,  a sink under the window for washing the dishes, and who knows, perhaps a third sink on the island for the kids to wash their hands — the value to you might pay off!

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