The Benefits of Choosing Design & Build

Homeowners have many options when it comes to choosing a contractor for their construction project. As design-build companies like HomeTech gain in popularity, we are often asked about the benefits of this process, compared to more traditional systems. Once you read about a few of the advantages, you will understand why more owners are opting for this cost-effective method of construction and remodeling.

What is Design & Build?

The Design Build Institute of America [DBIA] describes the process as “Taking singular responsibility, the design-build team is accountable for cost, schedule, performance, under a single contract and with reduced administrative paperwork, clients can focus on the project rather than managing disparate contracts.”

Here are a few of the many advantages to choosing design-build.

1. Teamwork

In the design-build model, the project team and owner are in it together. All parties have a common goal of completing a project that exceeds expectations. Collaborating to find creative solutions for challenges is the only way forward. Working together means there is no time for egos or finger pointing, which wastes time and can lower morale.

2. Accountability

Having a single source for your entire process results in greater accountability. The design-build approach fosters teamwork and creates an environment of cooperation. When one entity is accountable for everything – the final results, how much it costs, and the timeline – more attention is given right away to the details. Establishing a strong relationship early on sets the stage for a successful project completion.

3. Transparency/Communication

There are many communication benefits to working with a design-build firm. There is a high level of transparency about details that are being developed throughout construction. This keeps the focus on owner value and allowing them to know what is going on at all times. Clear communication on multiple areas – budget, plans, schedule – is the standard for the entire project, and helps prevent easily avoidable hiccups.

4. Shorter Timeframe

Design-build projects consistently result in quicker completions overall. In addition to bid time being eliminated, scheduling begins during the design process. As a result, potential construction problems are discovered and resolved early on. For the builder, it’s in their best financial interest to provide solutions fast. The process is highly adaptive and responsive, so big decisions can be revised without necessarily adding costs or changing plans. Projects can move along quickly and seamlessly, which translates into earlier access to the homeowner.

5. Continuity

A design-build company manages a project from beginning to end, from initial planning states to post-construction cleanup. When you aren’t dealing with multiple contractors or subcontractors, there are significantly less the opportunities for things to be lost in translation. This naturally results in efficiency and effectiveness, and a high quality finished product.

6 . Expertise

With design-build, you can trust you’re hiring a team with a uniquely hands-on understanding of what it takes to turn a plan on paper into a completed project. The best design-build firms https://currysupply.com/ are built on solid, lasting partnerships between reliable subcontractors. This is a tremendous advantage to the homeowner. From licensed architects to expert builders, each individual in the process is knowledgeable about the entire process and construction in general.

7. Cost Savings

Gathering information and discussing budget during the initial design phase helps keep projects within a realistic budget. All the costs of various aspects are taken into account very early on in the process – fees, allowances, materials, and all other costs – so the owner isn’t left guessing. Once plans are drawn up and the full scope of the project is finalized, the budget has been clearly defined.

If you are considering hiring a design-build team for your construction project, or just want to learn more, our seasoned team of experts would be happy to discuss your project. Schedule a free consultation with HomeTech by calling 408-542-0833 or completing the form below.


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