The Paint Guide: What Not to Do

Somewhere between primary colored kindergarten rooms and sterile feeling white walls is where most people hope to land when painting their home. You want to capture your style, without going too far off the deep end, and we’re here to help! Here are our 5 tips to avoid a paint-catastrophe.

1. Going too Bold

You may see a wild colored room on Pinterest that you absolutely love, but don’t go running to the paint shop just yet. Things such as lighting, windows, size, and shape all have a huge effect on the room and which colors will work best.

Work with your designer to find the best solution to add color to your room without it becoming too overpowering. Utilize new technologies such as Sherwin Williams Web Visualizer and Behr’s paint app Color Smart.

2. Going too Boring

Trying to avoid our paint-catastrophe number one could lead to playing it too safe and creating a dull space. White can be bright and cheery for a small space, but without any accents, it can be very sterile and stark feeling.

We suggest accent walls, painting the ceiling a darker shade, adding molding, and a good color scheme to keep the room from looking like a blank canvas.

3. Getting a Lousy Painter

Nothing ruins the perfect paint color like a lousy paint job. If you are not a seasoned do-it-yourself-er we suggest hiring a professional. Each paint job requires specific prep, primers, and types of paint to be executed correctly.

Hire a paint contractor to ensure everything rolls smoothly.

4. Isolating a Room

It is important to consider the flow of the house when choosing paint colors for individual rooms. You don’t want the rooms to seems disconnected and if all the doors are open you don’t want individual rooms to clash. Read here how to solve problems with damage caused by storm. This doesn’t mean you have to have the same color throughout the house, but perhaps a common theme, just to avoid your home turning into a Disney themed B&B.

One trick to make the house coherent is to use the same accent color throughout the house. For ideas on color, themes check out this article on Forbes.

5. Creating a Bad Vibe

The paint color you choose will certainly set the mood of the room. From luxurious to rustic, cheerful to gloomy, romantic to playful, there are so many options. Make sure you take some time to consider how the color of the room will make you feel before committing to your color palette.

One way to be sure of a choice is to paint a sample on part of the wall and leave it for a few days. If you still love the way it makes the room feel by day three, you probably made a good choice!

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