Top Three Reasons to Remodel


Over time our homes begin to show their age. Whether it’s the green shag carpet, normal wear and tear, or just the desire for new upgrades, there is always a reason to remodel your home. At the most basic form, home remodeling is taking your existing home, and making removals or additions to ultimately update the space. Going through the design and construction phase could be a hassle, but most homeowners are willing to persevere in order to enjoy the finished product. An outdoor remodel is sometimes as easy as updating the landscape, while inside the home can be quite a large project. Either big or small, the end result should guarantee a happier homeowner.

If you are considering a remodel but still aren’t quite sure, perhaps our top three reasons to remodel will help you make your decision.

  1. Boost Efficiency

Older homes often lack in the efficiency department. This can easily be fixed by updating appliances, replacing the windows, using green products, or adding solar panels. An eco-friendly remodel could end up saving you money while helping the environment too.

  1. Avoid New Construction

Constructing a brand new home can be very exciting, but it could also be very expensive, and not to mention, time-consuming. For a less hassle alternative, most contractors will recommend a home remodel or retrofitting. This allows you to get the modern upgrades and new trends that you want, without having to put on a hard hat and stress over building permits. Working with the right design team can turn your current home into your dream home, instead of starting from scratch.

  1. Add Value

If you want to invest in your home in order to get the most value when selling, it’s a good idea to add some upgrades. Small upgrades such as flooring, lighting, fresh paint, and new fixtures can make a big impression on potential buyers. It is also important to add some curb appeal to your home when selling. New plants or a modern hardscape could quickly give the exterior an update. If you are looking to do a larger remodel, and want to get a guaranteed return, the kitchen and bathrooms are the best places to invest.