6 Design Tips to Create Your Modern Dream Kitchen

When it comes to designing the modern kitchen of your dreams, details are everything. Whether you love that clean, minimalistic look or you’re just going for a crossover, transitional style, honing in on which modern elements you want to incorporate is key.

After you’ve made the most important decision – choosing the right contractor, of course – it’ll be time to meet with your designer to go over your overall design goals. While you are imagining and creating that vision for your remodeled, modern kitchen, there are a few basic design elements to keep in mind. Beyond cutting edge technology, straight lines and minimalism, the main priority in a modern kitchen is function. An experienced, professional design and build team will guide you through design options that will work best with your space and meet your budget – making your kitchen better than you ever imagined.

Here are 6 design tips to bring your dream modern kitchen to life.

1. Simplify Your Space

Less is always more in a modern kitchen. There has been a major decluttering/purging movement among homeowners in recent years. Opting for open shelving instead of upper cabinets is one beautiful and functional way to bring in a modern look. The loss of storage may seem scary, but homeowners have come to see that this design element actually perfectly marries beauty and function.

2. Rethink Your Backsplash

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There are many different types of patterns you can choose from when laying tile, beyond the standard brick. If you’re sick of the horizontal subway tile look, refreshing your backsplash with a vertical straight stack design is a great way to bring in a more modern feel. Herringbone or chevron tile designs can also bring in a more contemporary feel as opposed to the standard staggered pattern. Even using an entire slab across the back wall of a kitchen can provide a sleek, clean appearance.

3. Create Clean Lines

Cabinet lines, hardware, fixtures and countertops shouldn’t be too ornate in a modern kitchen. A straight edged countertop with fewer embellishments, as opposed to a traditional beveled edge, creates a crisp, clean look. For finishes, embracing unique dramatic hardware such as straight brass bar cabinet pulls versus more traditional styles leads to a bold, eye-catching kitchen.

4. Keep it Natural

Another big trend in cabinetry and flooring is the reemergence of natural wood. More and more homeowners are embracing the neutral tones and unique washes of woods to bring the space together and make it feel more connected to nature. Mixing in natural wood elements to your kitchen softens the look of modern sharp angles, giving it a grounded, natural feel and adding some dimension without overpowering your creative vision.

5. Upgrade Your Appliances

Functionality is the most important element in any room, especially one that gets heavy use like a kitchen. Your kitchen is the heart of your home, so splurging on an appliances with the latest technology to enhance usefulness and practicality is a great choice. Your contractor can help you choose from the wide variety of top-of-the-line appliances featuring the latest technology without breaking the bank.

Some of the most popular features include:

  • WiFi connectivity which enable you to receive maintenance alerts on your phone
  • Induction cook top technology
  • Climate-controlled and customizable drawers and compartments
  • LED lighting
  • Countertop depth refrigerators with lots of interior space

6. Prioritize Lighting

A gorgeous modern kitchen is only as good as the lighting. You can have the most beautiful kitchen in the world, but with poor lighting, you won’t get that show-stopping affect you are going for. In addition to boosting natural light, your designer can guide you in creating a functional lighting design. Part of this is choosing the right pendants, chandeliers and sconces; this finishing touch, done right, will be the cherry on top of your sleek, modern kitchen. Traditional Geometric shapes are popular, but round elements are also a lovely way to soften hard lines. This is a great place to incorporate a pop of brass or other bold metal elements.

Choosing a contractor

The most important kitchen remodeling tip is choosing an experienced contractor. Working with a trusted professional with proven results will keep your remodel on track and give you peace of mind that your home will be beautiful and functional for years to come. HomeTech is ready to make your dream kitchen a reality.

If you’re considering a bathroom or kitchen remodel, a new addition, or even a whole house remodel, we’d love to talk it through with you. Call 408-542-0833 to schedule your free consultation today. Or, fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch!

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