Before & After: Gorgeous Mobile Home Remodel

Today we’re sharing a beautiful and unique before & after of a mobile home in Hayward, CA. This particular client came to HomeTech with a very specific request for her master bathroom remodel – a walk-in tub. Ultimately, our design and build team were not only able to add the walk-in tub, but completely transform her outdated bathroom into a luxurious space that is on par with a bathroom in a four star hotel. The client was so pleased with the process, she even had them renovate her second bathroom, update her kitchen, and replace the flooring in her entire home.

Read on for more details and more beautiful photos of the finished project.

The client explains, “At the beginning I just wanted to walk-in tub and so I called multiple companies. Met with few companies but none of them were able to take me to a showroom that sells the walk-in tubs and offered me ordering the tub online which I didn’t like. Those companies were more concerned about my budget rather than show me what they can do and how they can meet my criteria and expectations. After meeting with Moses from HomeTech they gave me the option to visit showroom where I could see the walk-in tubs as well as large selection of other fixtures.

The master bathroom before the renovations began:

The stunning after photos showcase the remarkable transformation. Beyond the main addition of the new walk-in tub and upgraded shower, the bathroom also received new high-quality flooring, countertops, lighting and fixtures. The entire space is not only meets the client’s functionality requirements, but feels much more peaceful and upscale.

After learning more about the design-build process and seeing how convenient it could be, the client made the decision to extend renovations from her master bath to her second bath and even her kitchen.

She explains, “I also appreciated lots of great ideas Moses and designer Allen had. With their ideas, help and financing option they offered me, I decided to do multiple other projects. From an idea of installing a walk-in tub, I remodeled my both bathrooms completely as well as kitchen and changed the flooring in entire house. “

Here is the smaller bathroom before the remodel:

Looking at these incredible after photos, it’s hard to believe it’s even the same space. The entire look of this small bathroom has changed, and it has the appearance of a much larger room. The details are everything here – from the shower door and tile to the gorgeous new cabinets. What an improvement!

While a kitchen remodel was not on the client’s immediate radar, she did have a few items she wanted to upgrade. Since her house was already having some work done, she used the opportunity to give her kitchen a cost-efficient upgrade. Among the new features are some striking new countertops, a modern tile backsplash and even some much needed flooring.

Here is the kitchen prior to the remodel:

And finally, some gorgeous after photos of the newly remodeled kitchen space where the client can make calls from home now.. These simple upgrades really made all the difference in this room! That backsplash really adds so much depth.

Even small construction projects can be a long process. One little known piece of information is that remodels can take many months to complete due to moving parts like obtaining permits. One of the benefits of using a design-build firm like HomeTech is knowing all those things will be taken care of, and nothing will get left hanging in the balance.

The client shares some information about how pleased she was with w2 management HomeTech’s design-build process:

“They also helped me obtaining permit for the job that has been done in my mobile house. I really like the fact that the guys working at my house were always the same people. The communication with company and all team was great. They kept me updated with the progress and also always explained each step.”

So how did the client like the finished product? Here is her glowing review. She adds, “I’m very pleased with the final job and would recommend HomeTech Construction & Design to family and friends.”

If you’ve been considering some home remodeling projects, or even a whole house renovation, HomeTech’s team of experts is ready to help bring your dream home to life. Schedule your free consultation today by calling 408-542-0833 or completing the form below.


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