Refining Your Remodel

It’s no fun fact to face — sometimes we just can’t afford the renovation of our dreams. Refining your remodel and setting realistic goals is part of the process to anyone’s remodeling project, besides, perhaps, the Queens. In order to cut back on costs, you’ll need to pick the parts of the remodel that are most important to you and your family’s needs, the best investment, and make you fall a bit more in love your home. Here is our guide to refining your remodel.

Dream Big

In order to discover what aspects of your remodel are most important to you, we suggest planning your dream remodel. Imagine you have an endless budget — what would you change and what products would you use? Once you know what your dream remodel looks like, it will be easier to cut away the things you don’t necessarily need. Keeping the most important parts will leave you with a more attainable goal.


Once you work with a professional and get a design you will probably come up with new ideas and changes. At this phase, it is important to think long and hard about cleaning tips and what exactly you want because adding changes later usual comes at a much higher cost. Our team offers 3D design as well as virtual reality so that you can get a comprehensive idea of what your remodel will look like in real life.

Wiggle Room

Big mistake homeowners make is not leaving any room in the budget for surprises. During construction projects, it is not uncommon to come across electrical issues, water damage, mold, etc. Be sure to have some cushion in your budget to be prepared for the worst – while hoping for the best! (Our contractors have an upfront approach when they think there may be an issue and will usually include any possible repairs in their quote.)

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