Before & After: Two Flawless Bathroom Remodels

Today we have the most gorgeous bathroom remodel to share with you. Two bathroom remodels, actually! This is one project we’ve been really looking forward to sharing, because the details are truly outstanding. This particular HomeTech client had a couple of outdated, dark bathrooms that were in need of a complete overhaul to bring them into modern times.

Our experienced Design & Build team worked with the client to execute a budget-friendly space that not only meets their unique needs in regard to function and utility, but also looks breathtakingly beautiful. The finished result is sleek, serene, and honestly quite swanky.

One word of warning though, these photos may leave you itching to give your own space a makeover! In addition to some beautiful photos, we’ve also got an amazing interactive 360 image to share that will allow you to really put yourself in the space.

Let’s get to the good stuff…

First up, the master bath.

Both bathrooms were essentially gutted to replace outdated elements with modern, top-of-the-line fixtures and features. There is no shortage of glamorous details here. From that luxurious soaker tub, to the vanity with gobs of counter space and storage, the beautiful new flooring, right down to the expertly designed lighting.

One of our favorite features of the new master bath is the gorgeous and spacious open shower. The custom glass door from CB Showers provides a seamless, open visual that makes the space look even larger than it is. The built-in shelves incorporate useful storage while adding some design flair.

As anyone who has remodeled a bathroom knows, attention to detail is everything. Inconsistent, cheap, or rushed work means your remodeled bathroom will need to be updating again, and sooner than you’d like. As you can see, the HomeTech team is masterfully precise and thorough. With a highly experienced team, you can trust the work will be done right the first time and will be built to last for years to come.

These close-up shots demonstrate the high level of attention to detail. Seriously beautiful, impeccable workmanship. Just look at that precision. Flawless!

Love it and want to see more? Check out this amazing 360 photo of the master bath will allow you to move around, zoom in and check out the details as you wish.


Next up, the second bathroom

The smaller of the two bathrooms was also in need of some major upgrades. When you hire an experienced Design & Build team, small does not need to mean cramped. Despite the small footprint, the HomeTech team was able to produce an extraordinarily sleek, fresh bathroom that is open, luxurious and functional.

To create a cohesive vibe throughout the whole home, the team utilized similar or even identical finishes to the master bath – such as the modern cabinetry, tile choices, fixture finishes, and more. Another custom glass half-door from CB Showers adds to the openness of the bathroom, simultaneously allowing that gorgeous light to shine through (and showing off that beautiful tile work).

Before & After: Flawless Bathroom Remodel

As you can see, every inch of this space was designed for utility. A spacious tub, a highly functional vanity – even the beautiful lighting adds to the beauty and increases the warmth of this small space.

And finally, progress photos

These progress photos are helpful in illustrating the full renovation story. They aren’t as beautiful as the finished results, but they are just as important in showing the extreme care that goes into the entire remodel. What’s happening behind the walls of a remodel is crucial to ensuring the finished project is a built to last. Sloppy work means a sloppy finished product, which is a waste of everyone’s time and money.

One of the benefits of hiring a Design & Build firm is knowing you are getting experienced, trustworthy designers, architects, and contractors – on ONE team – with expertise about every aspect of the construction process, from start to finish.


Absolutely gorgeous, from start to finish. Well done team!


If you’re ready to tackle your own home remodeling project and want to give your home the respect it deserves, call 800-861-7432 to book a free consultation with HomeTech. Our expert team will guide you through the process with ease and help make your dream home a reality.

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