What is Your Design Style?

Homeowners at the start of a remodel often find themselves asking: “what is my design style?” From country to modern, to somewhere in between, everyone has their unique style preference, and we are here to help you find it! Here are some of the most prevalent styles to hopefully help you find your perfect style.


If you find yourself gravitating to store such as Pottery Barn and William Sonoma you are likely a fan of the traditional style. Traditional furniture includes plush sofas with rolled arms and warm wood tones. Deep colors and natural fabrics are popular in traditional furniture as well.

Design wise, the traditional design incorporates intricate details, curved edges, and classic materials such as granite and marble.


On the opposite end of the spectrum from traditional is modern. Modern design is all about clean sleek lines. Think of stores such as IKEA and West Elm. Modern style features a simple color palette with occasional pops of vibrant colors.


The country design is similar to traditional but adds a cozy cottage feel. Country style homes in the city of Corona often have glass inlaid cabinets, patterned furniture, and lots of warm wood accents. The country style also includes the very popular farmhouse design. This design will feature shiplap walls, metal accents, and rustic charm.

Magnolia Home, by Joanna Gaines from HGTV’s Fixer Upper, is a popular place to get country decor as well as design ideas.


The eclectic design is really a way to mix together your favorite features from different styles to create something uniquely your own. This is always fun, original, and a way to express your creativity.

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