Summer has arrived, and it’s time to prepare your house for the best times. As HomeTech team, we put together some useful tips to make sure your home is all ready for the summertime fun.

Get ready

Summer means enjoying the beautiful weather with as many outdoor moments as we can, and porches do a great job with that regard. It’s the best time to tackle down a home project that you can remodel or replace your porch, do some fix-ups or upgrades to enjoy your summertime better.

It’s quite fun to come up with ideas to refresh the look of your house while boosting its value with new additions. There are too many ways to upgrade your porch, stoop, garden very cost-effectively.

Safety is important

Keeping the landscape fire safe is crucial, especially if you live in an area with dry summers like California. Hot weather can cause brushes to get super dry, and it’s essential to keep them away to prevent the landscape from the fire. Any weeds, leaves, or wood of any kind that cause fire should be removed from the surroundings of your home. According to The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, all those items should be cleared from within 30 feet of your home to prevent from the possible fire.

Fire-Wise landscaping can help to protect your home. When renovating your landscape, choosing fire-resistant plants and materials while creating defensible areas also would be ideal

Clean up the garage

If you still haven’t turned your garage into ADU, which is an excellent idea to save space and money, you can take advantage of the beautiful weather and clean out your garage. Sparing a weekend to tackle down that project, organizing your garage, cleaning up the mess can be refreshing.

As most of us keep everything in the garage, such as donations, things to sell or hazardous waste. Organizing the garage can help us plan what to keep and what to give away. To make your garage more beautiful and well organized, mounting shelves with some interior help will enable you to use up the extra space wisely while keeping everything neat.

Garages come with a lot of space and walls which you can easily use up by inserting mounted storage. This way you can easily organize your bikes, tools, rakes, and all the winter and summer gears by hanging them on the wall.

Pool Time

We can’t talk about summer without mentioning the pool times. For those who have a pool or hot tub in the backyards, the best way to establish safety is to add as many layers of protection as you can. For Example safety door barriers, and pool alarms. Also keeping the pool and hot tub clean, regularly inspecting the pool would be ideal.

Self-closing door and self-latching gate is another good idea to prevent children from jumping.

Summer is a great way to plan some big home projects. It is always fun whether you are dreaming of a landscape makeover or needing to replace a deck.

Have a summer project in mind? Drop a comment below or reach us at www. hometech.com. Our team of talented designer and constructors will be happy to help you.

Don’t delay booking your free consultation. The sooner you’re ready the longer you enjoy your summer!

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