Green Remodeling

Green remodeling doesn’t mean painting the house green. Instead, it refers to being more eco-friendly and energy-efficient. Some people decide to go green simply from their desire to leave a lighter footprint on the environment, while others go for a green remodel in order to save money on monthly expenses. Either way, the planet and your pockets will thank you! Here is our how to go green guide.

Low Flow Fixtures

Installing low flow fixtures, such as toilets and faucets, reduces water usage. New low flow fixtures are designed to decrease the amount of water being used, without compromising pressure. These fixtures use aeration to make sure you are getting the best of both worlds AKA good pressure while saving water.  

Energy-Efficient Windows

Going green with the windows of your home could equal huge savings. Energy-Efficient windows keep heat out in the summer, keep the cold out in the winter, and overall make your home more comfortable. This will result in huge savings on energy and increase the value of your home.

Energy Star Appliances

The kitchen is a great place to go green. Trading in your old appliances for new energy star appliances will cut down on your use of water and energy. Plus, new appliances give the whole kitchen a facelift!

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