Outdoor Living: Ideas for Your Patio

Outdoor living seems to only become more and more popular. Especially in California, where the sunshine and summertime is endless. There are so many new trends and design options for outdoor areas that are often neglected during a remodel. Don’t let this happen to you! Here are some outdoor living trends to consider when revamping your backyard.

Outdoor Room

The outdoor room is a way to extend the living area into the outdoors. Whether it’s a lounge area with outdoor TV or dining area, this is a great way to maximize on space. Make sure your outdoor room is weather-proof by adding a patio cover, and perhaps some curtains for privacy and wind control!


Adding an outdoor fireplace has grown increasingly popular over the past decade. This creates a beautiful focal point for your outdoor space while also adding light and warmth. If you want a more camp-like-vibe opt for a firepit. Either way, adding a fire element to your patio is a fun, functional, and beautiful addition.

Multi-Level Deck

Decking is great because it can be built at any height and have multiple levels. This can create fun separate areas, add an interesting design element, and connect a second story room to the outdoors. Out with old boring square decks and in with the multi-level designs!


The backyard doesn’t have to be a place just for sitting down. Why not take advantage of outdoor space and add some outdoor games and recreation! Adding a basketball or horseshoe court is relatively inexpensive and can be a great way to entertain guest outside. Get as creative as you want with your outdoor entertaining space. Here are some of our favorite ideas: outdoor bar, pool, hot tub, sand volleyball court, badminton, and lastly a vegetable garden.

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