What to Expect When You’re Remodeling: Kitchen Edition

So you want to remodel your kitchen, but don’t know where to start? Have no fear! First-time remodelers often feel lost and overwhelmed when starting a project. Knowing you want a modern kitchen is easy, getting there is what’s hard! We have broken down the steps involved with remodeling your kitchen so that you have some knowledge on your hands before you even begin!


Before you begin meeting with anyone or picking out materials, you need to know what exactly YOU want. What features suit your lifestyle? What is your design style? Head over to Pinterest and begin creating your dream kitchen board. It is important to have some idea of your basic kitchen must-haves before you begin meeting with designers and contractors.


The next phase is where you have to take your #dreamkitchen and get logical. This stage is where you should discuss things like budget and timeframe. You don’t have to have an exact budget in place, but coming into your remodel with a realistic range will help you find the best materials and company for your needs.

Finding a Team

Even if you plan on remodeling your kitchen mostly on your own, there are go ing to be some things you just can’t do without a team. For instance, polishing marble or crafting cabinets from scratch. You are going to need to find the right professionals to do these type of things. Perhaps you will go the route of finding suppliers and installers, but there is an easier more hands-off option.

Some people decide to go the route of hiring a company that can take care of their remodel from start to finish. From a designer to the showroom, to final installation and clean up. This is the best option for busy professionals who don’t have time for DIY work.

Either route you decide to take (or somewhere in the middle) you will need to get estimates and meet with professionals to decide who is best for you (and your budget) to work with.

Getting Dirty

Demolition and construction can be long and tedious. While some people decide to live through the construction, others move out of the space completely. Decide what is best for you beforehand and then get ready to stick it out! But don’t worry, the final results will be worth the temporary inconvenience.

Enjoying Life After Remodel

It’s finally over! After the remodel, there might be things that need to be fixed or changed, but the hard part is behind you! Now you can add a picture of your own kitchen to Pinterest to serve as inspiration for the next homeowner brainstorming their remodel!

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