5 Ways to Utilize Your Spare Room


Have you recently purchased a home with an extra room? Or have your children grown up and moved away? Whatever the reason, do you have a spare room that needs a new purpose? We have some ideas to get the most out of this extra space!

Home Office

Adding a home office is a great way to separate business and pleasure. If you don’t work from home it’s still nice to have a dedicated place to pay bills, make phone calls, and file your important documents. We recommend turning the closet into built-in shelves for ultimate optimization of the space.

Exercise Room

For weight training, yoga, or running on a treadmill — an exercise room is a great (and healthy) way to use your spare room. This could be easy as adding floor-length mirrors and a yoga mat or go all out with gym equipment and padded floors.

Walk-in Closet

Converting a bedroom into a walk-in closet/dressing room adds functionality as well as luxury. This option could get pricey with wall to wall custom cabinetry or even adding an entrance from the master bedroom (if the floor plan allows). But if clothes and shoes are a large part of your life, this expense will be well worth it in the end.

Guest Bedroom

A guest bedroom is the most common and probably most practical use of a spare room. Take your guest bedroom to the next level by making it like a luxury hotel suite. Try finding plush white bedding and matching side tables to achieve this look you can test it with https://www.theinspectorscompany.com/. (You might even leave a chocolate on the bed when expecting guests.)

Craft Room

Do you love painting, sewing, scrapbooking or another creative art?  If so a craft room could give you a dedicated space to let your creativity run wild! To make this work get an extra large desk and go with an easy to clean floor (perhaps tile or wood).

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