Interesting Island Designs for Your Kitchen Remodel

The Kitchen is the heart of the home. Having an island in your kitchen creates a great gathering location for family and friends. When designing kitchens most people stick to the traditional rectangular shape for the island, but you don’t have to! Having a slight bend or unique shape to your island can open up the room and create interesting detail. Here are some unique island shapes we think you’ll enjoy. Feel free to contact us for all your kitchen design questions and needs!


Having five sides, rather than the traditional four, can add a unique design element to your kitchen. But not only is it interesting to look at, the pentagon-shaped island can be highly functional. This shape is great for adding counter space and seating. You can put bar stools at two, or even three, sides, as opposed to one side with a traditional shaped island.


The L-shaped island is great for adding storage and depth to your kitchen. This shape allows you to add additional cabinets, perhaps house an appliance in the island, and still have room for seating. This shape can widen the look of your kitchen, isn’t too unique or weird, and can help avoid having that cookie cutter kitchen.


In between the rectangular island and L-shaped island is what we call ‘the bend’ according to Swipe N Clean. This is a very functional shape and is just unique enough to avoid the classic ol’ rectangle. This could be spiced up by adding a unique feature to the part of the island that bends. Perhaps add a wood element and ta-da the bent side of the island become a prep area. This is perfect for someone who wants something different than the normative rectangle but doesn’t want to go too over the top.

Table Addition

Adding a circular built-in table at the end of your island is probably the most functional of all island designs. Being able to have friends and/or family gathered around the island/table is conversational, convenient, and makes whoever is cooking feel apart of the group.  

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