Cost Effective Ways To Energize your Patio this Summer


If your patio is looking more sad than sensational, it’s probably time for a fresh summer update. However, this doesn’t have to be a budget-busting remodel. We have some tips to brighten up the patio without breaking the bank.

Auditory Feature

Liven up the garden with a noise feature. A great, tranquil, way to do this is by adding a water feature. This doesn’t have to be a huge pond or giant fountain. A small trickling water feature can have the same beautiful sounding effect as a natural river.

If a water feature is out of the question, adding a bird feeder is a great (and affordable) way to add a natural sound effect to your backyard.  

Circular Furniture

Rectangles are out this summer. Circular tables are much more inviting and friendly. No one was to be stuck in the corner. Try a glass circular table to make the most of a small space, and for a nice aesthetic. We love this patio table from wayfair.com.


Having a well-lit patio is great for BBQ’s that turn into nightcaps. We suggest hanging lights so that the eye is drawn up and your space feels bigger. String lights are a super affordable way to make the space more romantic, while paper lanterns give the area a little more charm and design flair.

We realize paper isn’t the best for outdoors, but there are now paper-looking-lanterns made from nylon that are perfect for outside! These nylon-lanterns already come on a string and are super cost-friendly at only $25.99!

Mix and Match

Most patios are a mix of neutrals. Brown decking, black furniture, cream pillows, blah-blah-blah. This summer try to add fun pops of color and patterns. The boho look is in now more than ever and is super easy to achieve! Grab a fun patterned rug, some bright pots, flowers, and mix and match throw pillows. This will liven up the patio in an instant and it’s almost impossible to go wrong!

Bring on Nature

Adding living things to your patio is a sure fire way to, literally, liven things up. If you are tight on space consider a succulent wall, hanging plants, or plants with vertical reach. You can make this into a fun DIY project for the family by making your own planters. Grab some hanging boxes from the craft stores, succulents from the nursery, and the family for a fun-filled project.

If your patio has difficult lighting make sure to talk to a landscaper to make sure you get the right plants for your space. 

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