Design-Build in the Bay Area Gets a Remodel

It’s a steady cacophony of drills and hammers, a home torn down to the frame, exposed subfloors and electrical wiring, and sawdust catching the sunlight in a normally quiet residential neighborhood on a sunny San Jose morning. For most people, this environment would be an eyesore and a major cause of stress. But for Moses Hershko, it’s a celebration and any given Monday. “We’ve completely reimagined the floor plan for this client,” said Hershko excitedly. “By raising the ceilings and repositioning the kitchen, their home will have great flow and a real wow-factor.”

Moses Hershko’s concierge-style approach is changing the landscape of what’s possible in luxury building and remodeling, one home at a time.

Moses Hershko on job site

Moses is a sought-after South Bay and Silicon Valley home builder and remodeler, and offers clients an unorthodox but common-sense approach to creating luxurious custom residences. Disappointed by the lack of transparency, accountability, and synergy in the design-build and remodeling industries, he created HomeTech Construction & Design to offer homeowners a turnkey building experience that’s highly personalized, efficient, and streamlined.

“We are a service company and have the opportunity to change people’s lives and create their dream homes in real life.”

Historically, in a typical custom build project, design, engineering, and construction management are de-centralized and separate phases, which often leaves clients with unmet needs, long cycle times, and project overruns. In this traditional business model, the client is still expected to do much of the heavy lifting in day-to-day coordination. It can be time-consuming and stressful, especially for discerning clients who don’t have the bandwidth or desire to micro-manage their new build or whole-house renovation.

Moses saw that, in order to provide the level of service his clients deserve, his entire process requires a single point of contact and accountability among all parties. He expertly assumes that role, providing a design-build service that is completely end-to-end, from initial concept to final delivery. “I simplify the entire building process for each of my clients,” said Hershko.

Building Trust and High-Caliber Homes

His done-for-you luxury home design and construction is uniquely customized to reflect the authentic character of his clients without compromise or sacrifice. “I start with their ‘why’ then build upon that,” he said. His outcomes-focused system puts clients’ needs and their priorities front and center, so they become integral members of the design and construction team from start to finish.

Much like a talented creative director at a Paris fashion house or New York ad agency, Moses brings together top-tier and cross-functional talent to achieve and exceed desired outcomes. “I have to make sure there’s a lot of great chemistry between the client and the team,” he said.

Moses Hershko with client

At HomeTech, Moses creates an environment of synergy and mutual trust, cultivating collaboration that’s holistic, authentic, and something clients can’t find anywhere else.

He playfully likens his role to that of a matchmaker. All jokes aside, there’s truth to the sentiment, as each home build or remodel has a distinct personality and narrative, as one-of-a-kind as the clients themselves. By leveraging trusted partnerships with designers, engineers, and contractors, he has the agility and project-proven relationships to assemble the best and most appropriate team to meet the exacting demands of each project and to deliver exceptional building experiences.

Building Silicon Valley

It was this spirit of synergy and collaboration that was the driving force behind the creation of his new web series, “Building Silicon Valley.” Moses peels back the curtain for a behind-the-drywall glimpse of how he and his team bring a client’s dream home to life.

Homebuilding is one part art, one part engineering, and a lot of communication and attention to detail. Throughout the episodes, the audience gets a front-row seat to the exhilaration, surprises, and problem-solving that come with each new project. It’s during this video series that Moses hopes his audience will see the level of exemplary service he cultivates on and off the job site.

“We are a service-based company,” he said. “For us, it’s very personal, and we focus on agility, responsiveness, and flexibility—terms that are not often associated with the building industry, but that’s what we deliver.”

If you’re considering a bathroom or kitchen remodel, a new addition, or even a whole house remodel, we’d love to talk it through with you. Call 408-542-0833 to schedule your free consultation today. Or, fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch!


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