Garage to ADU conversions, also known as granny flats are becoming more and more popular because they are fantastic!

ADU, Additional Dwelling Units, enable homeowners to create an additional dwelling space within the existing building stock. It is an excellent way to use up some extra space of houses. In this article, we will break down some cool facts of ADUs you should keep in mind if you’re considering converting your garage into ADU.


It’s cost-beneficial. It’s eco-friendly. It’s convenient

Cost Beneficial

We live in an era where the cost of housing is rising unimaginably, especially in the Bay Area. Unlike other expensive methods, ADU provides affordable options in developed areas. Since the shell of the ADU may already be built, it doesn’t require much of a construction work. As the garage is also part of the house, there may already be power and water to the ADU, along with the lights and the utility sink. Even if the house doesn’t have any of them, it’s still easier to tap into all of these compared to building everything from scratch.

While it’s significantly more affordable to own an ADU, it also ads an additional value to the property. If you choose the right remodeling services and work with cutting edge design & build companies, the ADU can be an excellent addition to the neighborhood while elevating the value of your house.

ADUs can also be an extra source of income. Most people prefer renting out to guests, or Airbnb with an affordable rate. Some people use it as a home-office to save up some dollars from renting out an office space. Instead of paying fortunes to rent an office, remodeling the ADU into office can be an excellent way to save up.

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Eco-friendliness is crucial when working on projects that may harm the environment. ADU projects have a noticeably smaller environmental impact since they are tiny houses. Approximately 500 square feet per unit, that tend to use less energy for lighting and water in daily living. They also have to align with 21st century energy standards, which makes them a lot more efficient than a regular house. In addition to that, ADUs encourage people to increase “invisible density” which refers to construction as in-fill. The overall idea supports decreasing urban sprawl.

Building an accessory dwelling unit can be an excellent source of income, while adding extra value to the property. Its unique look can add soul to any neighborhood and improve the life quality of families.

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ADUs provide family members with an extra living space, which helps them maintain a modern family living. They can be customized for specific needs or remodeled differently based on the preference. For example if younger kids want to have some privacy or elderly members wish to live under the same roof but have a private entrance for more comfortable living. They also allow extended family members to be near while providing them with privacy.

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