How to Get the Most of Your Home this Weekend


This coming weekend, take advantage of all your home has to offer. Have a project you’ve been putting off? Get it done! Haven’t had a friendly chat with your neighbors? Invite them over for a BBQ. Here are 5 ways to improve your home life, that can be done in one weekend!

Clean Out the Clutter

Garages and spare rooms seem to be the places that collect clutter the most over time. Sometimes so much so that you aren’t able to enjoy those spaces anymore. Take an afternoon to clean out all that clutter and get back your house! We suggest taking unwanted items to charity or having a garage sale.

Host a Grill Off

Having people over is a great motivation to spruce up your outdoor space. Clean up the grill, dust away any cobwebs, plant some fresh floors, and maybe even string some lights! This will make you want to spend more time outdoors with friends and family, practically increasing your square footage!

Neighborly Love

Having a good relationship with your neighbors is a great way to get the most out of your home. Homeowners experience a greater sense of safety and wellbeing when they have a personal relationship with their neighbors. Whether you haven’t ever met the neighbors, or just haven’t said hello in a while make an effort to show some neighborly love this coming weekend.

Sleep Soundly

Getting a good night’s rest is priceless. Do something to make your bedroom more peaceful and tranquil. Simply putting new sheets on your bed or purchasing new pillows will give you a sense of comfort and luxury to come home to. Looking forward to snuggling up at night in your own bed is surely an added value.

Chill Out

Adding a way to destress on a Sunday afternoon will make your home that much homier. Add a porch swing on the front porch or string up a hammock in the backyard. A way to unwind in your own home is a perfect escape from the busy work week.

Let us know which of these ideas you like most or if you add any of these projects to your weekend to-do list!

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