5 Beautiful Bathroom Styles


Having a beautiful bathroom makes everyday feel like a spa day. Deciding on one style can be a daunting task, but have no fear we are here to help! Here are five of our favorite bathroom styles.

White Marble

White Marble screams luxury and glamour. If you have a small bathroom, be careful not to add too much marble. Its intricate design can sometimes make a small space look even smaller. Avoid this by adding lots of white and perhaps some natural wood accents.

Light & Bright

Going for a bright color will make your bathroom light and cheery. This is great for a bathroom that doesn’t get a lot of natural light or a small space.

Dark & Masculine

Opposite of light and bright, a dark bathroom reflects masculine/modern style. This could be done with black, deep blues, or shades of grey.


A retro styled bathroom adds some old world charm to your home. The signature to this style is a clawfoot tub and pastel colored tiles.

Warm & Natural

Lastly, a natural look is classic and timeless. Wood accents, warm stones, and raw tiles will make this style one to love.

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