Quick Fixes to Modernize your Kitchen


If a full kitchen remodel isn’t in the budget just yet, there are some tricks you can try to help give your kitchen a modern touch. Plus, you can grab the kids and make this a fun family project! Below is our list of easy, cost-efficient ways, to give to make your kitchen feel remodeled.


Adding new hardware to kitchen cabinets is one of the easiest ways to modernize your kitchen. Whether you are updating your current knobs and pulls, or adding them to previously blank cabinets, this will add a small, but noteworthy, modern look.

Here is a helpful guide to picking the right hardware for your kitchen.


Similar to modernizing trick number one, trick two also involves cabinets. In addition to new hardware, there are other ways to go about cabinet refacing. You could keep it simple and add a new fresh paint color, or you can go more extreme and remove some cabinet doors for a more open and exposed look. Either way, giving the cabinets a new face can make the whole kitchen feel brand new.


Why leave the paint on the cabinets when you could give the kitchen walls a new color too? Perhaps try a color that contrasts with the cabinetry to give the kitchen a more dynamic look. Or you could add some color to brighten up your space. Whatever you choose, the kitchen will have a new fresh twist, and this cost-efficient update is also time efficient! Grab a gallon of paint, some coveralls, and by the end of the day, you could be on your way to a more modern kitchen.

Here are some new ideas for kitchen wall colors.


Lastly, the kitchen could be given a new look just by adding modern accessories. A brightly colored toaster oven and matching hand towels or a new pendant light is a quick way to add a modern touch. Buy the accessories you would want in your dream kitchen, and hopefully one day soon you could have them both.

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