7 Questions to Ask Before You Remodel

7 Questions to Ask Before You Remodel

You’ve grown tired of your current home and are ready to invest in a remodel.

Before you begin, you’ll want to clearly define the budget and scope of your project and ask yourself a few remodeling questions. As tempting as it is to dive right into your remodel, taking your time to really explore the details of your project will save you money, time, and stress. Carefully considering your options and communicating your preferences will also create a seamless roadmap for your contractor.

Here are 7 important remodeling questions to ask before you begin:

1. What is your goal?

Defining a vision for your project is an obvious but essential step to accomplishing your goal of a successful remodel. Factoring in the needs of family members and creating a plan together will allow for a functional space that can be enjoyed for years to come. Having a defined goal will also create a clear roadmap for your contractor. Some specific questions to ask might include: What would you like to change about current space? Which design elements would make your space more functional (more storage, new appliances, etc.)?

2. What is your budget?

Knowing your cost limitations will allow you to comfortably make decisions during the design process. Communicating with your contractor about the scope of the project is important to avoid unforeseen expenses down the road. One of the benefits of working with a Design & Build firm is the total transparency about cost details upfront. Together, you can decide where to save and where to splurge. No matter what your budget, HomeTech will work with you to be sure your needs are never compromised.

7 Questions to Ask Before You Remodel

3. How will you use the space?

This is one of the most important remodeling questions. The answer will allow your designer to provide creative solutions that will work for the whole family. Do you desire an open space for everyone to gather freely, or is having private spaces more of a priority? What is your living room primarily used for? How many people are using the home? Does your kitchen get heavy cooking use or are you more of a take-out family? The answers to questions such as these are vital to help your designer create a space is both comfortable and functional.

4. What is your style?

Is a modern, streamlined look what you’re going for, or do you really love the charm of traditional style? Taking some time to determine your desired aesthetic will assist your designer in creating a space that is cohesive and meets your standards. Being as detailed as possible is key in ensuring your finished remodel exceeds your dreams.

5. What materials do you prefer?

Related to your overall style, considering the materials you want to incorporate is another important step. Are you aiming to use mostly sustainable materials? Do you prefer natural aesthetic with lots of wood and stone? Is carpet an option or do you prefer tile or wood floors? The answers to these questions will not only help determine your overall budget, but it will aid your designer in creating a plan that works with the rest of the home without compromising your needs or taste.

7 Questions to Ask Before You Remodel

6. How long will the remodel take?

The timeframe for a remodel depends on project size, design plan details, and of course, any surprises uncovered during demo. There are numerous building regulations that need to be factored in with any construction project. Completing plans and obtaining permits can be time consuming. Larger construction projects can be a very long process from start to finish, but for a general remodel of something simpler like a kitchen or bathroom, you’re looking at a shorter completion time. Working with a trusted company like HomeTech that is transparent about timeframe and can handle all the moving parts will make the process that much easier.

7. Who is your team?

Home remodeling can be a long process, so you want a team that can take care of all the details. HomeTech Construction & Design is comprised of a talented team of professional designers, architects and contractors, all under one roof. Our skilled and capable team http://sunflowermaids.com will break down the process to save you money and reduce stress. From architectural planning to permit pulling, HomeTech keeps your budget, needs and lifestyle in mind without sacrificing your personal taste and satisfaction.

From day one, clients can expect streamlined communication and transparency, beginning with determining your goals and vision, right down to creating a logical timeframe and thorough plan. After our designers and architects draw up a customized plan, our production team gathers materials and creates a plan for construction. During the process, you can expect the highest level of courtesy and professionalism; all of our partners have extensive experience and are trained to treat your home with respect. Read more about the benefits of Design & Build.

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7 Questions to Ask Before You Remodel

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