Make Your Home The Ultimate Spa


Going on vacation is great, but sometimes you come home more exhausted than before. Why not instead of leaving home for some TLC, you bring the spa to you? Whether you have a resort style home or not, there are ways to make a relaxing retreat without leaving your front door.

Create a Calm Atmosphere

If you live alone this is a fairly simple task… However, if you have children or housemates it might be a little tricky. Ask your partner to take the kids on a day adventure, or choose a day that the housemates are away working.

In the days prior to your spa day make sure your home is tidy and neat, to avoid any extra stress. Wash your favorite robe, get you fuzzy slippers ready, make some detoxifying cucumber water, and meal prep a healthy lunch. This way, there is nothing left for you to do on your special spa day.

Wake Up Slowly

On your spa day, don’t rush out of bed. Perhaps enjoy your coffee or herbal tea from bed. Or, if weather permits, the patio. Unlike a normal spa day, you don’t have to rush to check in or make your appointments. Take the morning to breathe, relax, and let go of your stress.

Get Moving

Now that you’ve slowly wakened, it’s time to raise your heart rate. Do your favorite yoga flow or try a guided workout video. Getting your sweat on will kick your day into motion and clean out your pores.

Deep Clean

Take a long soak in the tub. Apply a face mask. Exfoliate. Steam. Do a hair mask. Spend as much time as you want to pamper your body. Bath bombs and bubbles are a great way to make this feel like more than your usual bath. Consider picking up some special products for your spa day in advance to make it extra special.

When you’re ready, have a fluffy towel waiting and pull on your fuzzy robe. The relaxation should be in full swing by now.


Pull out the healthy meal you prepared and enjoy it while in the comfort of your robe. Pair it with some detoxifying water or a cold iced tea.

Nature Walk

To wrap up your home spa day, we recommend getting back in touch with nature. Go for a stroll, stop to smell the roses, watch the sunset in the park.

Get Some Rest

Our final spa day tip is to rest up. Perhaps a midday nap or just climbing into bed early. This will ensure the day is a success when you wake up the next morning feeling alive and refreshed!

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