5 Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Look Large

The bathroom, although an important room, is often forgotten in terms of design. This is more often true with small bathrooms. The lack of space in a bathroom usually leads to the required parts being crammed into an awkward layout and then creating an undesired space to be in, but it doesn’t have to be that way! We have 5 ideas to make your small bathroom seem bigger, brighter, and all around better!


Tile your small bathroom all the way up to the ceiling. You don’t save much by stopping the tile a foot short of the ceiling, but you do make the room feel smaller, so splurge on tiling all the way up! This way you don’t have to get any decorative trim, which ultimately will save money.

When it comes to tile choice — go big. Small tiles will draw attention to the smallness of the room. Try to find a tile that is large, simple, and don’t have transitions. Although those tiny subway tiles are the hot trend — they are not the right choice for a small space.


When it comes to color stay simple and light. Small spaces can easily be overwhelmed with too much color or too much darkness. Stay on the neutral and bright side to avoid creating a black hole.

We suggest a creamy beige wall with travertine stone or perhaps bright white with marble counters. If you go with beige on the walls, continue it onto the ceiling. This will make the room seem much bigger than it really is and give a seamless effect.


It’s no secret that mirrors make any space appear bigger and brighter. They play on perspective and reflect light around the room. In your small bathroom, bring the mirror all the way up to the ceiling and, if the design allows, add a full-length mirror across from the vanity mirror. This will open up the room bounce light all around.


To avoid closing off the room, create a glass shower enclosure. This eliminates the need for curtains or screens that divide the room. Throw out the idea of having a bathtub in a small bathroom and opt for a larger clear glass shower enclosure. This will make the most of the space you do have.


Instead of having bulky lighting or hanging pendants, stick to recessed lights. This will make your space feel the most open and bright. Although pendants and cool lighting is fun and trendy, a small space is not the right place to implement this trend. Keep the lighting tucked away so that the bathroom stays open, bright, and airy.

When you’re ready to remodel your small bathroom for a more functional design contact us for a free quote!

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