Kitchen Design: Down to Details


Great kitchen design is all about small details. When done right you might not even notice these details, but when done wrong, they stick out like sore thumbs! We’ve compiled a list of all the details that will make your kitchen beautiful, functional, and fabulous!

Zone Planning

When designing the layout of your kitchen think of how you use it. You don’t want to put the dishwasher on the opposite side of the kitchen from the sink. Try to think of the kitchen as “zones.” Prep zone, cooking zone, clean up zone, etc. This detail will make your kitchen way more functional in the future!

Island Design

For years designers have been putting sinks center on the kitchen island. Although this adds symmetry, it isn’t the most practical. Putting the sink off to the side will double your usable counter space and give you a perfect prep spot.

Hide the Microwave

We all use microwaves — that’s no secret! But, it doesn’t mean they have to be visible. With a smart kitchen design, you can hide the microwave in a cabinet or even have it down low in the center island.

Pannel the Appliances

Other items that don’t necessarily need to be seen are the dishwasher and refrigerator. Consider having these paneled so that the flow with the cabinets. This will make the kitchen look harmonious, and not to mention, bigger.

Say Goodbye to Ugly Outlets

For years electricians have been using white outlets as their go to. But it’s 2018 and that no longer needs to be the case! Choose outlets that match your backsplash and therefore blend in. Or consider putting in under cabinet outlets. There are multiple options to avoid having white squares sticking out around the kitchen.

Keep it Clean

After designing a beautiful new kitchen the last thing you want to do is clutter it. Avoid this by adding built-in accessories like a soap dispenser, spice rack, pot holder, etc. This will keep the kitchen looking as beautiful as you dreamed.

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